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For the first time ever,
an addicting journal.

Fast, smooth, simple - we got those covered. What makes Lifebit special is every journal entry help level up passion badges! This makes life blogging so delightful you will look forward to what happens every new day! Say goodbye to abandoned diaries!

Try new activities,
tag, share and level up!

Just badge tag your journal entries like foodiebadge, fashionbadge, travelbadge or drinksterbadge and any reactions from friends will level up your passion badges. In addition, we have a collection of over 200+ specific quests to get more points!

All about your passions,
health and happiness.

With support for activity trackers such as the iPhones’ Motion Chip or Fitbit as well as encouraging good habits like meeting new people, exploring your city and reading new books, Lifebit is the only journal that also focuses on improving all dimensions of your well-being.

Meet like-minded
women and men.

Every Lifebit passion badge has a community of people grouped by their passions and ranked by levels. This shows off not just what you like but also how deep those passions are. Easily find new friends based on interests and lifestyle.